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How To Put Ads On Your Youtube Video | You want to advertise your business on YouTube? A great choice! Youtube is the number 1 social media in the world with over 150 million users. If you can optimize your ads on YouTube, your product sales will increase. As a result, your business can be much more successful.

However, how to do it?

Well, in this article, we will provide a complete guide on how to create effective YouTube Ads. We’ll also give you tips on optimizing your YouTube ads. Beforehand, let’s start by getting to know YouTube Ads first.

What are YouTube Ads?

YouTube Ads is a service platform to promote any kinds of your business products or services, through YouTube chanel videos. In short, youTube advertising services.

Currently, there are many businesses that use YouTube Ads because of the various advantages offered. For one, you can determine the target audience specifically based on their location or interest in the product.

Not only that, in terms of price, it is also quite affordable. The payment is also made only if the audience watches your ad to the end. Similar to the PPC system on Google text ads, right?

In addition, you can also see how your ads are performing in Google Analytics. This will make it easier to ensure that the marketing strategy is right on target.

As part of Google’s advertising services, you can only place YouTube Ads ads if you use Google AdWords (Google Ads). That is, the two must already be well integrated.

Well, before knowing how to create YouTube Ads, it’s a good idea to know the types of ads in YouTube Ads. The goal is so that you don’t make the wrong choice. Just look at the following explanation.

4 Forms of YouTube Ads You Should Know

In general, there are four forms of YouTube Ads that you may be familiar with.

  1. Skippable in-stream Ads

Skippable in stream is the most commonly used ad type for YouTube Ads.

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As the name implies, ad videos of this type can be skipped by viewers. The videos you advertise in this type are at least 12 seconds long and a maximum of 3 minutes. Right after the 5th second, the skip button will appear and can be pressed by the audience.

It is important to make sure that your ads are attractive so that they are not skipped by YouTube viewers. The trick is to do video optimization which we will explain in the Optimization Tips section.

What if it stays skipped by the audience?

No problem. You still get benefits from the budget side. Because, you don’t have to pay PPC (Pay Per Click) fees. You only pay when an ad video is watched for more than 30 seconds or until the video is finished.

  1. Non-Skippable Ads

Unlike skippable in-stream, this type of YouTube ads means that your ad videos cannot be skipped by viewers. Thus, the advertising information received by visitors will be much more complete.

You can choose non-skippable ads as an effective promotional strategy. This is because 76% of viewers tend to skip. That is, in order for advertising information to be received as a whole, non-skippable ads can be an option.

  1. Discovery Ads

This type of YouTube ads used to be called In-Display Ads. This ad video will be served on the search results page, YouTube homepage, and on the related page of the video being watched.

  1. Non-Video Ads

You want to advertise on YouTube, but don’t have an ad video? Relax, YouTube also provides videoless advertising services. Non-video ads will appear in the form, cards, images, and text on various YouTube videos.

How to Create YouTube Ads

After knowing the types of ads on YouTube Ads, it’s time to know how to create YouTube Ads. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

  1. Upload Videos on Your YouTube Channel

The first step to creating YouTube Ads is to upload an ad video on your YouTube channel. Make sure the video you create is in accordance with the terms of the YouTube ad type you choose.

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How to upload this ad video is the same as uploading a video in general. You only need to sign in into your YouTube chanel or account. Then, click the icon to Upload video.

You will be redirected to the page to upload the video. Next, you just drag and drop the video or select the select file menu.

After that, don’t forget to add a headline, description, and also some tags from your ad. Then, wait for the upload process to succeed.

  1. Create Ads through your Google Ads Account

Once successful, it’s time to create ads through your Google Ads account. If you don’t already have a Google Ads account, you can create one first.

Once you have an account, you can sign in to Google Ads. Then, click the Campaign menu and click the “+” icon to create a new ad. For more details.

After that, you will be asked to choose the purpose of your ad. We recommend that you choose the Brand awareness and reach type for YouTube. Why? This is because YouTube Ads have proven effective in increasing brand awareness by up to 9%.

Next, select the Video option and specify the type of YouTube ad you need.

After doing that, click CONTINUE button to go to the its next step.

  1. Define Your Ad Parameters

The next step, you can specify the parameters for your ad:

1) Campaign Name: write the name of your ad according to the marketing strategy you are running. For example, “Skippable Product August 2020”. This will make it easier for you if you manage a lot of ads.

2) Bid Strategy: YouTube ads bid strategy. For example, CPM targets. Choose a bid strategy as needed:

Maximum CPV (cost per view). You only pay according to the number of views.

Target CPM (cost per mile). The price you pay is per 1000 impressions.

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Target CPA (cost per acquisition). The cost you pay corresponds to the audience that clicked your ad.

3) Budget: enter the amount of budget you have for YouTube ads.

4) Networks: The location where your ad will be shown. Choose from three options, namely:

Discovery only (only appears on YouTube search results pages)

All of YouTube (appears in search results, channel pages, in videos, and youTube homepage)

YouTube Display Network ( appears on YouTube affiliate websites and Display Network).

5) Location: The location of your target audience. Choose where your ad’s audience is: All countries, Indonesia or a specific location

6) Language: The language of the ad used. Choose Indonesia for the target audience of Indonesia.

7) Inventory Type: The exception content type. Choose a standard if you don’t need special settings such as videos containing violence and taboo language. Special inventory has a higher price.

  1. Choose Your Target Audience

To maximize your budget and ad performance, you also need to determine your target audience. In the following, the settings you need to make to create a target audience.

  1. Connect Google Ads with Your Youtube Channel

The final step is to enter the link of the ad video that you have uploaded on YouTube to Google Ads. When you enter a video link, you’ll see a summary of the settings you’ve made before. Don’t forget to fill in the URL for the display display, Call to Action, and headline.

After that, click the Create Campaign button on your YouTube Ads ad will be released. This means that how to create YouTube Ads is complete.

But, does it mean that you can just stand idly by waiting for the results of the YouTube ad? You don’t, you have to constantly monitor the results using YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics.

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