How To Put A Free Ad On Google

How To Put A Free Ad On Google

How To Put A Free Ad On Google | Discussing digital marketing certainly cannot be separated from the services provided by Google. Starting from email, search engines, Google Webmaster for website optimization needs, and there are also those that can be used as a means to place free ads on Google, namely Google My Business and Google Sites.

Google My Business and Google Sites services are perfect for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business by utilizing a local audience close to their business. In order not to be too long-winded, let’s discuss further in the explanation below.

What is Google My Business?

This service makes it easier for companies to manage business pages to reach many people on the platform provided by Google.Not only will it show your business in search engines, Google My Business will also show your business location on Google Maps.

To put your company or Business on Google My Business, all you need to do is go inside the page and then enter the company data in full and detail. When you have filled in the data, the next step is to do a verification process where Google will send a verification code to the registered address.

What is Google Sites?

The next service that can be used as a means to place ads for free on Google is Google Sites. This service makes it easy for a business to be able to create a website easily and for free.

Google Sites helps businesses who want to create websites dynamically and interactively without the need to understand HTML and other coding languages. Google Sites can be accessed at the website address. Just sign in using a Google account, then this service can be used easily.

In the dashboard section for website creation, Google Sites has WYSIWYG which means What You See Is What You Get, where what is seen by users on the editing page will also be seen by website readers.

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How to use Google Sites is also quite easy, first users when going to create a new website will be welcome to choose the desired URL. The website address given by Google Sites becomes like this website.

After getting the name of the website, users simply choose a template that will be used with a considerable choice of themes. This template can later be edited and customized to the needs of the company. In fact, with Google Sites, users can also enter a Call-to-Action invitation to be able to attract visitors to make transactions or directly contact the company.

When everything is set up, the last step on Google Sites is to publish the page. That’s some services provided by Google for free, where indirectly as a company we can place free ads on Google Maps and also search engines. Furthermore, just facilitate interaction with visitors so that it can be an income for the company.

Place Ads in Google Ads for Free

Google Ads is the main service that must be used by entrepreneurs to be able to grow their business today. For this reason as well, many young entrepreneurs want to start by looking for an article that discusses how to place ads on Google for free.

However, is there really a special way to be able to place free ads on Google? Let’s go deeper into the following discussion.

Free Coupons For Ads in Google Ads

Simply put, it can be answered that there is no way to place ads on Google for free. However, Google specifically provides convenience for entrepreneurs who will use Google Ads as a platform to place their ads by providing Credit worth $32 with a minimum ad spend of $11.

You could say, it is a way to be able to place ads on Google for free, right? So how do I get that credit? The method is quite simple, some of the things needed include:

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1) Have a Google account.

2) Register for Google Ads on page.

3) Enter an email on the page to get a credit of $32.

When you have obtained a promo code from Google with some conditions sent via email, the next step is to enter the promo code on the account billing details page or Billing on the Google Ads dashboard. Another requirement needed before you can use this promo code is to have added a payment method to your Google Ads account, such as a credit card, PayPal or using a debit card that can already make online payments.

How to Quickly Place Ads in Google Ads

After the Google ads account setup is completed and the promo code has been installed, users can place ads on google ads for free by spending the balance obtained from the coupon first.

First, go into the Google Ads dashboard, then select the New Campaigns menu, there will be several choices of types of ads that can be used. For starters, select the Website Traffic menu.

Second, after the website traffic is selected, a new column will appear that mentions the type of Google ad display that can be selected, some of these types of ads are:

1) Search Ads; this type of advertising will appear on search engines and will appear when users search for certain keywords;

2) Display Ads; this type of advertising can appear on certain websites that match the targeted keywords that are tailored to the geographical location and also the interests of the audience;

3) Shopping Ads; the next type of advertising is to bring up information related to the advertised product, such as product images, prices, to the seller’s name;

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4) Video Ads; this type of advertising is in the form of videos that will later appear on videos on YouTube;

5) Discovery; This type of advertising will appear on some Google-owned platforms such as Gmail, Google App and so on.

For starters, select search ads and enter the company’s website in the provided field and press Continue.

Third, the next step is to choose the Target Location and Language used by the audience and continue by choosing a target audience that suits the company category.

Fourth, then there will appear a page where you can determine the daily budget for the ads to be run and bid manually or automatically.

Fifth, fill in more complete information about your business such as mobile phone numbers and words that will appear in the advertisement. If you have pressed Save and Continue.

Sixth, in this section, please enter keywords that are relevant to your business, the more targeted the keyword, the greater the chance that visitors will make purchases on the website.

Seventh, if all settings have been filled in, then the last one is to make an ad display that will appear in the search engine. Starting from website titles, company services and persuasive language that invites audiences. Save and Continue.

When all the steps have been done, then you have to wait for the ad that has just been set to be reviewed first by the Google Ads team, if the ad content is considered safe, then the ad will appear for free by using the coupon code that has been obtained via email. Easy isn’t it?

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